Hello Parents,

I believe it is every desire of a parent to see their child or children excel in life. According to studies put together by Dr. Tony Evans all young people need certain assets to help them be good citizens and succeed in life.

I want to share eight categories that we have implemented into the Destiny Project Inc. We have used these principles for over 15 years. Before I dive into the categories it is vital that we teach young people to take 100% responsibility for their life and education. When young people learn to give back and serve they learn what it means to do community service. Also young people have to learn to develop their own faith in God and not be reliant on the parent’s salvation. In 25 years of working with youth I have noticed that when young people are out of their comfort zone and are placed in a mission outreach or evangelistic opportunity they are challenged to face problems with the Lord and see how vital it is to know God’s word and pray about issues they are facing. When a young person experiences how vital prayer is and studying the word while on a mission they understand the big picture of the great commission of going into all the world and preaching the gospel to the lost.

In our society and communities studies reveal that young people need these ingredients throughout their life to succeed.

Category 1. Support:

Young people need the support of their family, meaning parents need to be involved in their daily lives and spend time with your children. Further they need other caring adult relationships that carry the same values as you do. Young people need to experience positive family communication.

Category 2. Empowerment:

Young people need an opportunity to involved in community service opportunities, and know resources that are available to help them succeed as a person. Community service opportunities help young people to get their mind off of themselves and be other people centered. As we know young people can have a tendency to be self-centered and selfish. This helps young people develop vision and direction.

Category 3. Boundaries and Expectations:

 Young people need to know what are the family boundaries, school boundaries, how to relate to adults and they also need positive peer influence. Therefore parents need to know who their children are associating with. There are relational boundaries that each person needs to know in order to have healthy relations.

Category 4. Constructive use of Time:

Parents need to schedule time at home where the family interacts or play games together. We need to provide an atmosphere for creative activities without television. Young people need to be involved in youth programs that teach God’s word and have mentors to help them through different phases of teen years. Young people need the church to support as well.

Category 5. Commitment to learning:

Young people need to be challenged to follow these principles and our children need to see us as parents follow these principles. We as parents have to model before our children these basic and fundamental principles.

  1. Achieve
  2. Motivation
  3. School
  4. Engagement
  5. Home work
  6. Bonding in school
  7. Reading for pleasure
Category 6. Positive Values:

Caring, equality, integrity, honesty, responsibility, and restraint.

Category 7. Social Competencies:
  1. Planning and Decision Making/Developing Strategy
  2. Peaceful Conflict Resolution
  3. Interpersonal Competence
  4. Cultural Competence
  5. Resistance Skills
  6. Life Skills:
  • Patience, I can wait
  • Flexibility, I can handle change
  • Initiative, I can do something that needs to be done and I can get started
  • Cooperation, I can work with others
  • Common Sense, I can make smart choices
  • Organization, I have my things in a neat way
  • Responsibility, you can depend on me I am reliable
  • Sense of Humor, I like to laugh
  • Friendship, I know how to be a friend
  • Courage, I can stand up for myself
  • Effort, I am a hard worker
  • Problem Solving, I can solve problems
  • Perseverance, I can stay with a job and finish it
  • Caring, I care about people
  • Integrity, I can choose right from wrong
  • Curiosity, I want to know about things
  • Pride, I did a great job   

                                                                            Written by Susan Kovalik


Category 8. Positive Identity:

Healthy self-esteem, Positive personal view of the future (Jeremiah 29:11) and a sense of purpose which is the main thrust of the Destiny Project Inc. Growing up in the inner-city there was not a lot of hope in succeeding in life not until I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. When young people understand that God has a mission for them they are more careful in their decision-making. 

Sources; Urban Alternative mentoring program Dr. Tony Evans, Destiny Curriculum Coach Rex Tonkins.


For Fathers:

10 ways to be a better Father:
  1. Passionately Love your wife
  2. Be a man of integrity
  3. Spend time with your children
  4. Give worth
  5. Communicate as a family
  6. Understand your mission
  7. Admit your weakness
  8. Discipline means character development not anger
  9. Don’t over protect let them learn from law of sowing and reaping
  10. Don’t be afraid to show tender side/