The History of The Destiny Project

The idea for The Destiny Project was birthed in 1995 in Greensboro, NC. This is where Rex and Vickie began writing a curriculum dealing with purpose, in 1996 the Lord awakened Rex at 4 am to search a particular scripture, Isaiah 46:10. It says, “God makes known the end in the beginning and only ‘His’ purpose will stand.”
As he began to meditate and study this portion of scripture, he released that God wants us to know our purpose and destiny and will give us steps to fulfill our purpose and destiny. In November of 1998, while praying on a mountain in Colorado Springs, CO, Rex received God’s divine strategy on how to effectively reach youth
The Destiny Project was born and established in 1997 in Colorado Springs, CO. Rex and Vickie Tonkins answered God’s call and mandate to reach young people with the life changing message of Jesus Christ. The emphasis of the ministry is on ages 7-18. Also those 19 and over are trained to be leaders in the ministry.